10 facts you don’t know about ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judge Sophia Vargara

Sophia Vargara quickly became America’s favorite Got Talent judge in a very short time. The model-turned-actress is adding some flavor to the 15-season judging panel and bringing her ridiculous personality to the show to make us all laugh until we cry. Let’s take a deeper dive and learn 10 facts about stealing every woman’s heart through our television screens.

Before acting, Sophia Vergara’s early life and career path were different

Sophia 19 was born in 1972 in Barranquilla, Colombia. His family was cattle. It is the birthplace of global superstar and former ‘voice’ coach Shakira and the two are actually quite good friends. He went to study at Columbia University where he practiced dentistry for two years. She never intended to be an actress or a model. In an appearance on the show, including Harry, host Harry Kanik Jr., he said, “I wanted to be a doctor but it takes many years to study to become a doctor. It’s hard.” He went on to say, “So the next best thing for me is dentist. So I went to dental school, but I didn’t finish.”

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Sophia Vargara was discovered on a beach in Colombia

Dentistry was his career plan and it really turned out to be a huge opportunity for a few semesters from graduation to family to beach travel. When he was 17, he was approached by a photographer while out of the family. She initially rejected his offer because of her Catholic faith, but later she received permission for modeling from the strict sisters of the Catholic school. Soon he did a commercial shoot for Pepsi which turned out to be a huge success. However, he still continued his studies and returned to a normal life.

She was married young and had a son

Although she took small modeling jobs here and there, Sophia’s life changed at the age of 18 and she married her high school sweetheart Jose Gonzalez. It was not uncommon for Colombians to marry and raise children. A year later they had a son, Monolo. However, the couple split in 1993, leaving young Sophia alone to raise her son. She decided to move to Bogota for a better-paying modeling job to support her and her son.

Among his first works were a few Spanish television shows and commercials

Although Sophia didn’t want to be an actress at first, she saw great success with the first few roles she followed. He was in the role of a Mexican telenovela named Acapulco, Querpo y Alma. It must have been noticed by more of her people who were fascinated by her beauty and acting skills. He came to America with his family in the mid-nineties and settled in Miami. He hosted a Spanish-language travel event called Fuera de Seri where he would travel to unusual places. He had a small role in “Big Trouble” with Tim Allen in 2004 and in “Soul Plane” with Kevin Hart, but it was his role in Dirty Sexy Money that got him noticed by executives at ABC.

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Landing in the role of ‘modern family’ has changed her life forever

After being spotted by ABC, Sofia was chosen to play the role of a thief in the Gloria scene in the hit sitcom Modern Family. She has been on the show all 11 seasons as the burning Latin wife of J. Prichet. This role led him to four Golden Globe nominations as well as four times supporting actor Amy. Although he did not win any of these awards, he did win a 2017 People’s Choice Award.

Sophia is the highest paid actress on television

According to Forbes, in 201, for the seventh year in a row, Sophia topped the list of highest paid television actresses. This is not an easy feat considering he was competing with people like Callie Cuco of the Big Bang Theory. Sophia’s approximate net. With নতুন 160 million and his new position as a judge of America’s Got Talent is certainly making more money.

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Her famous accent sets her apart from other actresses

Of course one thing that Sophia noticed was her famous accent. Early in his career he spent a lot of money on lecture lessons but discovered that it was difficult for him to clear his pronunciation. Her son encouraged her to just be herself and not try too hard. Many people think her pronunciation is fake but Sophia said that when she goes out in public she is surprised that it is actually real. He did, however, say that there are some instances in his time in the Modern Family that he emphasized his accent to make the scene fun. Part of her character on the show is missing something in the translation like the word “saxophone” which described her character as a “sexy phone”.

Sophia survives a cancer

In 2000, Sophia was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at the age of 28. Her thyroid was removed and she has been cancer-free for 20 years. Sophia has long been an advocate for cancer research and advocacy against cancer

Joe Manganiello knew he wanted to marry Sophia in Allwood

Actor Joe Manganiello revealed the subject of his relationship with Sophia Vergara. Joe Sophia did not hesitate to say Vargara when asked about her celebrity crash. “She is OK. She’s got ass, she’s got curves, she’s got a beautiful look, she’s got beautiful hair, just beautiful. And he’s feisty! “At the time, Sophia was involved with Nick Loeb but Joe’s sights fell on her.

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She was on the list of the most deserving bachelors in Hollywood and said that she was literally her ideal woman even after the two had never met. As soon as his engagement was over, Joe jumped at the chance to meet him. They dated for six months before Joe spread the question and the couple got married in 2015. “I love my wife so much,” he told Cosmopolitan UK in 2017.

She posed nude for a magazine cover in 2017

In 2017, Sophia posed nude for the “nude issue” of Women’s Health magazine. This cover must have broken the internet as it spread naked inside the magazine. He also had a steam shower scene in the movie “Bent” with actor Carl Urban. It was enough to ask her husband if it was becoming a normal thing.

There is no denying that Sophia has an amazing body and a more amazing personality. He seriously packages the whole.

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We can’t wait to see what else Sofia does and says this season of America’s Got Talent because she’s definitely stealing the show.


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